[Windows]このまちだいすき – English Translation (Work in Progress)

I recently decided to translate このまちだいすき (We Love This Town!) to English. I’ve only just begun working on this so there’s no release yet and I can’t really provided any sort of ETA since I tend to work on multiple projects at once and jump between them. I can, however, keep you up to date with the translation as it progresses and bring the game to your attention (if you weren’t already aware of it)!

このまちだいすき is a free indie game for Windows and I personally find it to be quite enjoyable. I also find the art style to be fairly reminiscent of Earthbound and I loved that game haha.

You can find the game’s official page here if you’re interested: このまちだいすき

Anyway, here’s a brief video I uploaded which shows the current state of the translation (although that wasn’t the main reason I uploaded it haha). So far I’ve (roughly) translated the title menu, opening sequence, and a few descriptions.


LoveString 2.00 – English

Tools Used: Resource Hacker FX

I did a quick translation of LoveString 2.00 from Chinese. It’s an old, but rather handy little tool and I use it pretty often in my translation work.

lovestring_a lovestring_b lovestring_c

Download (66kb): Download from MEGA
Virus Scan(0/54): VirusTotal

I use this tool so often that I’ve decided to create a similar tool with more features.
I’ll be posting it here on my blog once it’s finished, but here’s a preview.


Paint Tool SAI 2 – English

Tools Used: OllyDbg and Multiline Ultimate Assembler

Paint Tool SAI 2 is still in development, but Koji Komatsu has released an early build for users to try out. After waiting several months to see whether or not there would be a translation or an update and still not seeing any signs of either I decided to translate it myself. As of right now this translation is based on the 32-bit build of SAI 2 that was released on 10-12-2013. Keep in mind that this is an early release simply meant to allow users to try out new features and see where development is headed. It lacks some of the functionality one would expect in a completed program. I’ve revised my translation several times, but if you notice anything that could be improved or if there’s anything I’ve missed please let me know!

Latest Update (10-10-2014)

  • Rebuilt the translated binary with the proper header.
  • Improved a small portion of the translated strings.
  • Applied a few small patches that I had forgotten earlier.

Patch Download (95kb): Download from MEGA
Virus Scan(0/54): VirusTotal

Pre-patched Download (1.1mb): Download from MEGA
Virus Scan(0/55): VirusTotal

If you choose to download the patch instead of downloading SAI 2 with the patch already applied, you will need a fresh copy of the 32-bit build of SAI 2. Applying the patch is very simple, but you’ll still want to read the included readme file.

Paint Tool SAI 2 has been updated!
SAI 2 has been updated and an official English release is now available as well.
You can find it here.

I will update the scripts I’ve written for my own translation patches and release them for others to use so that, should anyone wish to do so, others can translate the software to their own languages as well.
I will also continue to update my own translation.